Enrich your family by welcoming an international student into your home

Over the years we have gained considerable experience and expertise, and parents of International Students can be assured that we do our best to ensure student safety and comfort. Our carefully selected host families open their hearts and homes to enable students to experience Canadian Culture first hand. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for our host families to provide a cultural experience for themselves and their children.

Home away from home

A host family is an integral part of the life of an international student. The family provides more than just room and board; you provide a home away from home. Caring supervision and parenting on the part of the homestay family are an essential part of the international student’s growth and development.



Our priority is safety

A primary responsibility of the host parent is to care for the student and to keep the Program Manager informed about the welfare of the student. That includes informing us of behaviour of other students which may impact on your student, as well as making us aware of potentially dangerous or inappropriate personal relationships.