How to apply: Step-by-step guide

This guide will help lead you through the application process and begin your journey as an international student in Mission. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

1. Download the Application Package

Please download a copy of the Mission Student Application Package, or contact our office and we will email the application form to you.

Student Application Package

2. Complete the Application

  • Fill out all areas of the Application Form in English and make sure that it is signed by both the student and a parent.
  • Translate and attach your most recent report card and complete transcripts for the previous 2 years of studies.
  • Attach a student photo to the application form.
  • Photocopy and include the picture page of the student’s passport (if available)

3. Send the Application

Mail, fax, or email the completed documents to our office


4. Conditional Offer of Acceptance

  • We will acknowledge receipt of your application.
  • A “Conditional Offer of Acceptance” will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Mission School District provides Custodianship for all our international students. The 2 part Custodianship Declaration (CD) will also be sent to you by email.
  • Please confirm that all information is correct on these documents.

5. Pay the Fees

  • Please pay the TOTAL FEES on the invoice provided with the Conditional Offer of Acceptance, immediately.
  • We will then issue the official Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and hold your spot at school.
  • Payment and bank information are indicated on the Conditional Offer of Acceptance.
  • Payment and bank information are provided on the invoice. Please e-mail a copy of the wire transfer confirmation to our office after the payment has been made.

Tuition Fees

6. Letter of Acceptance

  • When we receive payment in full we will issue an official “Letter of Acceptance” (LoA) and provide the Notarized Custodianship Declaration (CD).  
  • The LoA and Notarized CD are required for Study Permit (Visa) applications.
  •  A student information package will be emailed to you with the LoA and CD. These PDF copies of the LoA and CD are accepted by Canadian Immigration.  We do not courier the Original documents, unless specifically requested.  
  •  The student information package will contain information students need to know before and after arrival.

7. Pre-arrival Learning

  • We will enroll you in our “Pre-Arrival Learning” program.
  • You will complete an on-line English assessment and can begin your English lessons and Student Orientation before you leave home.

Pre-arrival Learning